Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Love to Laugh! Long And Loud and Clear!!!

I'm having an enormous amount of de ja vouz going on this morning, and I"ve only been up for half an hour. There is some intense magic swirling around me, and I'm good with that. There's magical work for me to do, and I am gathering this energy for when it's time....

I had dreams that Holly and I and some other friends I don't know (dream buddies) were hanging out in a bar, playing pool, and having great idiot fun. Then some feathered hair, 70's wanna be, macho arsehole came up and was challenging the players on our table, and trying to intimidate us. He was strutting and growling, until he looked me in the eye, and like the cocky SOB I can be, I started to sing "He's a pin ball wizard! There's got to be a twist! He's a pin ball wizard! Got such a sup-ple wri i ist..."

All my friends lost their minds laughing at the dude, that he gave up and walked away. (Then there was something about me giving my brown cords and new belt and belt buckle to some blonde girl and showing her how to do them up, which was weird....and then the lights all went out in the bar, and we were sitting in complete darkness laughing, and then the alarm went off...)

Anywho, it was nice to see my sense of humour was good for something, and there was no violence (or ability to intimidate me... hehehe.) In the dream I kept thinking (and I could SEE it) that I could totally take this jerk down and really hurt him, but I chose NOT to. It would be a last resort. His threat was completely to stroke his ego. )

There were more dreams... something about waitressing at a beach restaurant that was owned by bikers, and a yellow refrigerator, but it's lost to me now...

Must make lunches now! The day begins :)


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