Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Friends and Faith

It's been a busy week, and it's only Wednesday!

I started and finished the shirt for my Viking friend (Goddess, I hope it's ok for what they need.) I did an awful lot of painting and varnishing in my "basement studio", a pile of little mini thingers for etsy. (it makes me so happy to work away on it.)

Yesterday I visited with my little sista friend Sarah, and got to feed her baby. (I bought her lunch.. the baby's not due until February hehe.) Today I got to visit with my kindred spirit friend Alison and her daughter Forest (who is the MOST amazing little girl you'll ever meet. I swear, she'll blow your mind, brilliant genius level. ) We had an incredible conversation (it's always comfortable and fun and we learn things from each other.... it's such a good thing...)

I've also been still reading alot... I'm working on two totally unrelated books, that as synchronicity would have, ended up being related. (spiritual pursuits.) Plus ofcourse "The Secret" sits at the side of my bed for me to take little snippets from. (Alison and I ofcourse chatted about the books we were reading, and amazingly but ofcourse! Our books were also along the same lines.

I've been thinking about money, and having to talk myself down from worrying about it. Because the money ALWAYS comes, and I SO have enough money to pay all my bills and groceries and have some left over for things like coffee shop coffee, so REALLY there's nothing to worry about. Put an order in with the Universe, and it always provides... FAITH!

There's alot of interesting energy swirling around me lately, and it makes me joyful and thankful that I am on the right path. Life is good. I feel good.

Love is the answer...


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