Saturday, October 4, 2008

You Gotta LISTEN To What She's Saying...

My sewing machine and I have made up. We have been friends for far too long, but sometimes when you spend so much time with someone, they just need a break.

I put my crazy glued sewing machine aside for about 10 days... This morning I put it back on the kitchen table, the iron already hot and the patterns ready to be cut... and we had a little chat.

I listened to what it had to say when I asked why it insisted on skipping stitches and losing tension on the bottom. I changed the top thread and rethreaded it. I took out the bobbin casing and blew into it. Checked all the little bobbin casing screws, and got it all back in place. I gave it a pat, a little love and attention, and gave it a try.

After monkeying around just a schmidge with the top tension, we got our groove back.

I went as far as I could on the tunic for a Viking (This took the better part of 3 hours, cutting and all.) and then I did some new little doll blankets.

Sweet Sweet Sewing machine.

Even if you hate me sometimes, I still love you!


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