Saturday, April 12, 2008

Etsy Excitement!!!

I was up early Thursday morning (with my daycare kid's) and was browsing around Etsy's Alchemy. I put two bids in on some requests, logged out and got about my daycare day.

I was up early Friday morning (hang on if it's getting too repetitive!) to find that one of my bids had been accepted. I was SO excited! An ACEO that will be used for a personalized invite for a woman graduating from college. Super Cool. I am so excited! ( Ok, THAT was repetitive...)

I've also been working on some new crocheted items. I've got a few gadget cozy's listed in our etsy store, but I've got a matching purse and cozy in blue and orange, an summery ipod cozy with clip, and a camoflage purse or camera cozy that I want to list. (I've been waiting on the sun, to take some pics of them... Oh, now I have the Doors song stuck in my head....) Ofcourse, we do requests with these things... sizes, yarns, colours, etc.

Marc and I went to Fabricland the other day, looking for ideas for a lampshade, and I ended up lost in buttons... (drool.) Funny how such a little thing can spark me into overdrive with creativity.

Oh, and lastly, but not least! I collaged together my "Map" for the year. I love it. It includes a fire engine red washer and dryer, a new digi cam, a vehicle that we ALL fit in at the same time, a beautiful garden, and a housefull of smiling happy friends and children.

Ah. I love April.


P.S. I went and got the beginning of my new tattoo on my left arm... The outlines of a viney Morning Glory. I'm so excited to get it finished! Okay okay, that's all, I swear. In the pic, I'm standing in front of one of Marc's pieces.

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Wonderfully Sew Knit said...

Congrats on winning an Alchemy bid!