Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Do You Know The Way to Fabricland?

Yesterday I got a happy call. I won a $40 gift certificate from Fabric Land. Oh happy day! When we picked it up today, the lady told me that it had to be spent all in one go (I couldnt' carry a balance.) Umm, NO PROBLEM. Marc and I have talked about making a comforter cover (similar to what you would put on a duvet) in a nice material. (Please please please don't let me spend it on wacky stuff that will end up a bag on etsy...)

I haven't put anything new on etsy in about 2 weeks. (bad bad bad!) My bit o spare time has been filled with a few new books. I finished Mary Modern in about 3 days, and now I'm reading Wicked. (oh, it's good.) I've only got about 20 projects that could use some attention. Sigh. Such is Spring.

The new tat is about half done. The colour is taking a long time... I'm impatient, which probably isn't the best thing to be when it comes to art that will live on your body forever. (I'm just excited. )

And now, there are pixie's to be bathed, and potatoes to be scrubbed.


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