Thursday, May 8, 2008

Crochet Hooks and Vintage Vinyl.

I made Mothers Day cards today. I love cut and paste.

I've been contemplating buying a sewing/craft desk, that folds up and hides the machine when your done. (And looks like a side board piece of furniture.) I haven't made the leap yet... because in order to make it fit in my living room, I'll have to relocate my turntable-in-cabinet circa 1965 to the basement. When something gets banished to the basement, that's one step away from the thrift store.

I love my records. I love my record player. I love crafting. I love sewing. I'm so CONFUSED. (Insert Lucille Ball whining cry HERE. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)

Mothers Day is this weekend. I hope all you mom's out there do something you love.

I might just be sewing on top of my stereo cabinet on Sunday.


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