Sunday, April 20, 2008

400 Seedlings

This weekend Marc and I got nearly matching sunburns. It was too nice to stay in, so we didn't.
I spent nearly all day sitting with a bag of organci dirt, and Arizona Iced Tea, and my heritage organic seeds and seedlings.

I really didn't think about the logistics of 400 seedlings... like, where the hell are all the peat pots going to go???

Tomatoes and Watermelons got planted today, and I babied the Butterfly Weed, the Black Violets. The Goatsbeard, Anemone, Scottish Bluebells, Wild Strawberries, and all the rest got some time in the sun too, before being dragged back in.

The crocheting is sitting idly by for the upcoming rain. (In the perfect little ottoman Marc bought me for my short legs.) There will be more craftyness...

Just Not Today.


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