Tuesday, August 30, 2011

All the Moves Like Jagger

ooooh, We Live Excitement :)

It's all coming so soooon! Studio! University Agriculture Course! My Tarot course going live! SQUEE!

This week at market, we are having baking and Watkins on our table - a few special dolls will be on the table, but for the most part we are focusing on food till Thanksgiving weekend.

We'll have - Biscotti, in 8 different flavours
Breads: Banana, Zucchini, Green Tomato bread, and possibly carrot cake.
Oatmeal Cookies!
WHOLE WHEAT BEER BREAD MIX. oh yes. You know you wanna....

Oh, I'm also going to have my display in the local Kelseys for the month of September - I need to put that together so that I can set it up quickly!

The only bummer - kids are back in school soon. I'll miss them. We've had a good summer, though. It's really nice to be with them all day. Even if we did spend a good many days in jammies, with toys all over the floor.

Well... I guess I had better start thinking about dinner... and possibly getting dressed...


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