Monday, August 22, 2011

Kijiji, I Wuv You.

I just listed a pile of stuff from my house - it's a bit amazing to me how much stuff we have, that's just sitting around, virtually brand new. My teenager when through his closet, and there were 8 pairs of brand new jeans in there, that he's grown out of and never worn.

Oh, they SO went on Kijiji this afternoon. Along with a pile of DVD's, and an armful of crafty books.

The De-Stash has begun. And the De-Stash feels good.

Is there a secret to cutting fat quarters for quilting? I think I'll have to get Google on the case, because that's my next mission. I have a better selection than Walmart currently, and there will be a sale at my new Studio, shortly after I get in there.

I'm very excited.

I've always loved the look of cutsie pie aprons. I always think "I could make that" and then I DON'T. Check this little number out from Flirty They are on sale, too!

Go check out their pretties!

We are having garden wraps this evening. We have 2 handfuls of the little heirloom peppers, some green beans, some red tomatoes, and we're going to steam up some rice, see what else there is to toss into the wrap, and call it dinner.

Life is Good!

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Ruth @ Hope, Joy and Faith Farm said...

Love the dinner idea... I need to get busy on cleaning out and selling my de-cluttering my house also. Maybe you'll inspire me?