Friday, September 9, 2011


I've been feeling like spam-er-saurus the last 24 hours. Ever feel so excited about something you don't know when it's time to STOP talking about it for a minute? Yeah, that's me.

It's so crazy, that I woke at 2:30... and got out of bed around 3am... It's now 3:45am, and I don't see sleep coming anytime soon.

You may (or may not) know that I am in business and marketing. Been with a solid company for over 2 years, and have built it up quite nicely. I have a reputation for being able to sponsor! A close girlfriend came to me with HER biz opp. This happens quite a bit to me. I asked her about her comp plan, and she showed me. Showed me her back office (and her $1200 earnings for 6 days of work!) and I tried the product.

My current company is a compressed comp plan. You can go as far wide on your first level as you want, but only paid on 4 deep. This has it's advantages.

Her comp plan is a different plan completely. You get 3 on your first line, that's it. then, Your 3 get 3, and so on. Eventually you are placing people with the people you've sponsored. And the people above you are placing people with you. So everyone wins.
You get paid down 8 levels (which equals 6561 people in your plan if it's FULL. Your upline has to fill in your spots eventually.

Her upline is a local business couple who own a Fitness Club downtown. Knowing who her upline was, and seeing how fast she was putting this to work, I wanted to be as close to them as possible. I think they both wanted me on their team, too, knowing that I know how to sponsor.

Between the three of us, we'll be filling up that matrix pretty fast. I've been in this for less than 2 days, and I've already had lots of inquiries - I have some pretty fantastic internet marketing in place - I'm hoping my friends who are interested will get on it with me fast, so I can help them build their earnings, too!

Anyway, you can see my head is full. I've only got 2 more spots left on my FIRST line, and after that, I'll be filling up THEIR teams. With my other business, I filled it to over 40 people in a matter of 3 months - If I had done this with THIS company, my front line and I would have been earning BMW's in those first 3 months.

Ok... SEE. I feel like spammy spammer, but It's pretty exciting when someone who's been involved in this sees something SPECIAL in something new... Usually I'm pretty jaded.

Ok. Click here to Go Look. I'm going to try to go back to bed!


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