Thursday, September 22, 2011

Little Scotia Studio Gallery OPEN HOUSE!

Little Scotia's Studio Gallery is almost ready for our Grand Opening! I've very excited about this thing! The space is in an old house, that in the 70's was owned by a man who himself was an artist, and his family members too! I met the daughter this week, who was on a 'pilgrimage' going around to all the places she remembers. Her family used to also own one of the big old hotels in town.

All the shelves are filled with material and dolls and soon jewellery boxes. I've been working like mad to finish all those little projects I started for Friday, Sept 30th - which is the day of my first Open House.

I'll be open for guests from 9:30am to 2pm and then again from 5pm to 8pm. (There's more info at the Facebook Fan Page - Click Here.) I'll be doing a door prize gift certificate (so the winner can choose what they like.) and there will be some munchies. Come on out and meet some people, and chat with me!

It's been so much fun being down there during the day - uninterrupted creativity. I spend the day sewing, painting, sanding, dancing and talking to dolls. Good times.

Here are a few more pictures of what's happening so far:

This corner is now FILLED with stuff!

This is the table I sew on.. and stack stuff on... and under.
Some Monkeys and Dolls trying to stay out of my way! Ready for Adoption!
Stacks of material on the old kitchen cupboards. I was so excited that 8 bins of fabric FIT when folded nicely.

So, if you can come on out, I'd love to see you! It's a smallish sized space, and that's why I've divided up the day, too, so that you can wander in and not be smooshed in like sardines. hehehe. It's COZY.

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