Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I'm Gettin' a STUDIO!

So, it's hot, and I've been keeping the "miserable" at bay by NOT moving or doing much by way of thinking today. It's nearly 9pm, and I think it's paid off. Or something.

I wanted to share a bit of magic with you!

Did I tell you about the "Studio Space Hunt"?

So, I was looking for a studio space. Because there IS no family room in my house. There is a cluttered room, and underneath material, beads, miniatures and piles, is a sectional couch that, once apon a time, my family used to sit on and watch Friday night movies on. My sweetie and I used to nap on it together. He used to read to the kids on it. The entire livingroom has been a no-go space.

And it's all my (art's) fault.

Now that I'm supporting the family with my businesses (sweetie is going to school, which was a bit of magic in itself.) I need the space.

I wanted something for September, when Market gets quieter. And cooler. And sometimes wetter, which is no good for stuffed dolls and monkeys, etc.

I wanted something with it's own bathroom, wireless internet, lots of shelves, lots of natural lighting. Something affordable. I visualized, I "ohhhhmed" the heck out of this one. Then, I started looking at spaces.

The first one I found was perfect - right down to the colour of the walls. The rent, however, was far too dear for me. I pouted for a day, I "ohhhhmed" some more, and called the manager to day "I love it, It's perfect, but it's out of my budget." I oohmed for another week.

She called. She talked to the owner, and came down half the price - right in my price range. A bit of magic. Oh yes, I'm taking it...

So, in September, I'll have a place to work, display my creations, do tarot readings, and put all the stuff currently in the livingroom!


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