Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I Wish for a Studio

I have been SOOOOO absent.

My brain has been FULL to the brim with all that I have going on. So, it leaves not much time for bloggedy blog blog.

My current thought has been to find some studio space. I'm not sure how to make it happen. My livingroom is a disaster - hardly usable - because I cannot work in my basement. My basement stores my crafting STUFF (I could fill a room.) and I would really like to give my family back the house.

I'm cheap though.

There IS a cheap office available downtown - the building is clean and bright, but the actual space is in a BASEMENT! lol... it's a mini mall type set up, under a bank. (ooooh money!) and I'd like to be able to have clients in to the studio. And, I'd have to do 10 tarot readings just to make the rent. What I'll pay in rent will not end up in our bank to pay our bills.

I"m still chewing this all over.

But my family would really benefit from having a livingroom again.

markets are going well. I had a booth at the Canada Day celebrations, and that was pretty awesome.

I need space to make more Monkeys and dollies!!!


My criteria:
Must be inexpensive. Really don't want to pay more than $300 a month.
Must have access to a bathroom and sink!!!
Brightly lit, clean.
Be convienient for clients to come to.

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