Saturday, August 2, 2008

Super Dork! (giggle-snort)

I am a Super Dork, and so proud. I bought myself a friggin Barbie. MINE. hehe. Equipped with new bobbins, a sewing machine cleaning kit, and a 10 pack of mens razors (yeah, me with the hair again) I got sucked into the toy department at Zellers. An arseload of toys were marked down. 40% off previously reduced items. Well, the Barbies didn't have yellow tags on them, but after checking on the little machine thingermajigger in the isle, the $29 doll told me she was a little over $7.

I now have a new doll model. The girls will be upset that they can't play with her. (have you SEEN what they do to their dolls? yikes!) She's taller than normal Barbies, so I'll have to explain in my doll house listings that my super model is going to make things look a little smaller.


And, instead of ripping her right open to PLAY, I actually opened the sewing machine cleaning kit. With the help of the sewing machine manual that came with my machine some 10 years ago, and the help of (
I took my machine apart and cleaned it for the first time ever. (I've had it serviced once before, four years ago, at T & G fabrics. Alas, the fellow who used to do that sadly passed away, and no one else in town does it anymore.) I took out an enormous amount of dust and lint (oh, for shame!) oiled all the oil-needing bits, and even figured out how to realign my damn needle... which was the ENTIRE problem I was experiencing. (I kept having stitches skip, after replacing the needle, the other night. duh.)

And yet, I'm so proud to have actually done it. It took me 15 minutes. I also can't believe I paid $7 for the kit... when my own tools here that would have worked. ugh.

Anyone need their machine cleaned and oiled?


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