Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Winter Festival Ornaments for the Shopping Diva

I've been on a folding frenzy. Itty bitty shopping bags. My original intention was just for use with dolls and dollhouses (Blythe or Barbie sort of thing) but it occured to me that these would make the CUTEST ornaments for the tree. They would also be a perfect gift for the shopping diva on your list. You know the one... the girl who loves to shop, and therefore has EVERYTHING already so is impossible to buy for. These are going to come in a decorated box for gift giving and storage. The box will have the face of a bag on the front, plus it can be personalized to suit who you are giving it to. Their name, "born to shop", or some other sassy phrase or inside joke.

Small box will have 10 ornaments: $10.00
Large box will have 30 ornaments: $25.00

You can also choose a variety of colours, or a set of uniform colours. I'll let you know what I have on hand when you inquire.

As soon as I have the whole package together I'll be listing it on etsy for you to actually SEE. Pre-ordering is always helpful, and then you'll be sure to have them in your hands for your Winter Celebration parties (which are always at the beginning of December, catching us off guard!)

Email me. I promise I won't tell your girlfriends what you got them :)

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