Saturday, August 9, 2008

Look Awaaaaay From The Dry Bread....

Yesterday, my baking attempt as a 50% success.

I made a beautiful banana bread. And a not so beautiful Challah Bread.

One of the wonderful things about banana bread is that you can buy speckled skin banana's at 25% of their regular cost. Occasionally, markets have just given their not-so-pretty bags of banana's to me for nothing. It makes the cost of the final treat minimal. And, when you call it "Banana Cake" the kids think it's a big deal. (I could go on an on about the virtues of the "yukky banana, but I digress.)

So, the banana bread was a hit. Soft, moist, yummy.
My challah bread on the other hand... not so nice.

I think the addition of 2 cups of whole wheat flour, replacing 2 cups of white, threw the whole recipe off. Generally, I "ad-lib" my bread recipes, go by feel so to speak. But, it had been some months since the "bake a loaf every day" habit, and I thought for a change I would actually READ the directions. Mistake.

It was dry. As much as I'd LIKE to throw the braided loaf out for the birds, you KNOW I'll end up putting it into a casserole dish and make some pudding. (I'm frugal with food, after all!)

I'll keep you posted about how the pudding goes.

For now, would you like butter on your banana bread?


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