Tuesday, August 26, 2008

beezy beezy beezy... AAAAAAMMMMEEENNNNNN.

I have been keeping my hands busy with crafty projects this week.

*Made a hat with a knitting round, (which was promptly claimed by the littlest pixie. *Now I am working on one for the elder sister.)
Did the first layer of some paper mache heads. These will be puppet or doll heads. We have to see what they have to say about it.
*finally made the dang zucchini bread. (mmm.)
*Figured out how to fold little gift bags for my miniature listings
*Also, some little gift boxes. (these are too much fun.)
*cleaned nothing but the bare minimum required, for clean spoons and cereal bowls.

I have SO many ideas, and I get all excited and want to work on them all at once.

OOOOHHHHH YEAH. I ordered something very special from another etsy seller from Ireland for my step father for christmas (he's so hard to buy for.) yes, I am completely starting my Winter Solstice Surprises now. Because all the little prezzies will be well thought out and appropriate for the recipient. All my family already knows I'm "frugal" (although they tend to use the phrase CHEAP.) but it's more of me taking an active roll in reducing the crap grab at that time of year. If it isn't thoughtful, loving, and special, I want no part of it. I prefer a handmade something-or-other than a mass produced, over priced something-or-other.

And that is my sermon for the month. I swear. ;)


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