Thursday, August 28, 2008

Cruising Through $100

For those of you who know me, you know that I don't blow $100 on anything at once ever. (Groceries are the exception. Although even then, I'm sure I'm getting at least $150 WORTH of groceries for that $100...and sometimes it's more like $175 or $200.)

Anyway, got some GREAT DEALS today in Elmvale.

*Bought 3 boxfulls of mason jars from Lea today for $10 plus a jar of chow chow when it's done (thanks Lea)
*Admission for my mom and myself to Rounds Ranch $20 (girls got in free, we won tickets)
*Assorted toy goodies from the Elmvale Farmers Market (or sales barn or whatever you call it.. I'm gapping on the name.) $20
*Plus food and drinks ($12), some Kolbasa and pepperettes from the meat vendors we like ($25), and some cheese curds from the cheese vendor dude. (4.50)

I am EXHAUSTED. Rounds Ranch left something to be desired, but that's mostly because we missed the wagon ride, and I wasn't hanging out in the sun for another hour to wait to feed the animals.

I am excited about the table and chair set I got, though. It's hand made from tin cans. I'm going to fix it up, ofcourse. Also all the dollies I got to fix up and dress and resell with some doll furniture I'm making.

(I swear, I've got about 10 projects on the go, or the wish list. I figure If I don't get to them all, there will be stuff to do in winter.)

Ok, I need hydration. Or a nap.


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