Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What is Reiki?

by Rev. Jason Storm

Reprinted with Permission.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a modern version of an ancient healing art that utilizes the intrinsic ability of one to heal him/herself by activating it with the energy of the Universe. The energy that comes from the source of all consciousness, The Creator, "God", or whatever for you might identify with it. During a Reiki treatment energy is passed from the Practitioner or Master to the person (or animal, or plant, etc.) that wishes to be healed. The energy does not come from the practitioner as the healer is only a vessel for the transfer of energy. A Reiki practitioner has had a special attunement or series of attunements that open his/her energetic system to receive and transmit the flow of energy. The Reiki Master has achieved the highest level of potential openness that a person can receive on the physical plane. A master is also given the ability to pass attunements to others and thereby becomes a vessel for the Divine consciousness at work in our Universe.

Reiki is not and cannot be harmful, it is the substance of life. The healee must have the intent to be healed for the energy to be transmitted. It doesn't matter whether or not they believe that subtle energy such as Reiki exists, they simply must want to be healed. No matter what the dis-ease is, Reiki will bring healing (but it should be noted that the healing may or may not be in the form expected or desired -- Reiki does the work, not our desire.)

When a practitioner accesses Reiki energy is drawn through the crown chakra at the top of the head, flows down to the heart chakra, then out through the hands. As the energy flows into the practitioners body it quickly fills him/her with energy as a kind of battery to buffer the flow into the recipients body and any excess is grounded out through the root chakra at the base of the spine. For some people the direct flow of energy from the universe may be a little much for them to handle all at once. The Reiki practitioner has been opened gradually so that their energy body can safely accept, maintain, and transmit the energy where it is needed. So whenever energy is given, the practitioner is also healed.

In Reiki there are three attunements, one for each level of healing. First Degree Reiki opens and clears the physical body to the Reiki circuit. The crown, third-eye, heart, and palm chakras are opened and the spinal vessel is cleared to allow a consistent, constant flow of energy to be initiated and maintained. There is commonly a period of clearing or cleansing in which the physical body begins to release the toxins built up within, and this is quite normal, it happens to us all. Some of the physical manifestations of this clearing can include diarrhea, runny nose, sweating, increased urination, nervousness, loss of apetite, and mild mood swings. The symptoms are only temporary and will pass within a couple of weeks.

Second Degree Reiki is a deepening and squaring of the energy of the First Degree, and three special symbols are tuaght to amplify and more specifically direct the flow and type of energy transmitted. At this level, distance healing and healing of situations is taught and mastered. There is also a clearing period at this level, but this deals with emotional/mental toxins. Many people report finding themselves re-addressing old unresolved issues, some find their belief structure being refined and in some cases even redeveloped. Again, this is temporary and will pass within two-three weeks.

The Master Level of Reiki involves one or two attunements and intensive training. The energy level is again doubled and squared, all of the chakras are aligned, and the Master symbol is transmitted to the new Master. How to give an attunement at all three levels is taught and must be mastered, the structure of energy, the energetic body, the aura, and the levels of being are taught and must be mastered. The clearing at this level is frequently fully experienced during the attunement itself. Many students report out of body experiences, visions, flashes of memory from previous incarnations, premonitions, prohpecy, etc, the experience is almost always mystical and ecstatic. Tears are very common.

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