Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dear Universe.

The voices said "Write the Books." And so, I've been plugging away at them. I'm convinced this will deliver the abundance. I'm pretty good at manfesting exactly what we, until the books bring big residual cheques, we will have:

*Groceries for the rest of the month, and into the next would be lovely. Universe, please deliver $300.

*Yule is coming, and although I've made or bartered for my art some gifties for the pixies, A few extra bucks for chocolates and little things for stockings would be awesome. Universe, please deliver an additional $30.

*I walk nearly everywhere. Some warm snowpants for myself would be helpful this month. Universe, please deliver an additional $100.

*All the monthly bills are coming due. Rents, power, phone, bills. Universe, please deliver and additional $2500. Lets do this one monthly, shall we?

*Littlest pixie needs dental work. LOTS of dental work. Her front 4 teeth have all come in absolutely WRONG. Oh, and there is that thing about my 9 year old nearly being ready to have her wisdom teeth taken out. Universe, please deliver and additional $5000.

*Our family is too big for this house (which is a rental.) This house has done it's duty, and we've made a deal that our time is up in Autumn of 2012. Universe, please deliver an additional $150,000 before that time.

So, $2930 in the next, say, week would be awesome.
And $2500 each month there after.
And, and additional $5000 sometime before spring.
Aaaaand and additional $150,000 well before Autumn.

Great! That's awesome! Fantastic working with you!
I'm looking forward and am excited!

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