Sunday, May 8, 2011

OVERLORD Award - It's About Flippin Time.

I've just been given the Overlord Award from Andie from over at Inspiration Strikes. In the Kneecaps. (Have I mentioned lately how I adore her words? Really, she's got one of those mysteriously sensual brains that I want to just BE NEAR. Not is a zombie way. We should arrange more play dates. Oh, and I have a bike for your littlest, if you want it, too, btw.)

Three things that are gonna change now that I'm calling the shots:

First order of business:
The recycling guys are going to TAKE the friggin clamshell packages and have a way to RECYCLE those damn things, as well as ALL the other plastic they leave behind in my blue bin. OR, the great conglomerates that be are just going to STOP manufacturing the *bleep bleepin'* things. RECYCLING is one of those things that DRIVE ME MANIC. The house is a flipping write off, but that damn RECYCLING had better be divided correctly or there will be HELLZ to pay! (sometimes I get intense about...things. Mad Hatter Intense.)

Second order of business:
It will be MANDATORY that all children between ages of 8 and 17 will take various and pertinent Home Economic courses. Cleaning and cooking REAL FOOD and learning how to budget are mandatory skills. And although self expression will be encouraged, they will be required to PULL UP THEIR BOY PANTS/COVER THEIR GIRL PARTS appropriately in the workplace/kitchen for health and safety reasons.

Final order of business:
The gathering, amassing, and sharing of Love will be far more important than the gathering, amassing, and spending of money in ALL areas of life. I was going to suggest that maybe love should be replaced as currency - but that could get misinterpreted, and then teenagers may all decide that leaving their pants loose and barely covering their girl parts are the way to get new cars and gadgets... *aherm..*

There, that was pretty simple. I may be adding more to my list of overlordly ideals. But, it's mothers day, and I must shower before making the Tour of Mothers.

SO, here's breaking the RULES:

You wanna be an OverLord? I grand YOU the OverLord Award. Let everyone know where it came from, and what you'd do. Pass it on if you like :)

Have a most fabulous day!



bruce said...

so damn true about the home econ stuff...

balancing a checkbook and knowing how to make a meal for yourself are two things i use everyday! for us to not teach that stuff anymore is mind boggling!

music and arts are important but should be electives or hobbies, unless the child is gifted... (and parents are not the ones to determine this, it must be up to the education system)

schools should function as a way to prepare our youth to function in society, not lolly-gag thru 6 hours of basket weaving..... a little ranty...

great post btw!!!

Vintage Witch & Little Scotia said...

I love your ranty comments, Bruce :)