Monday, May 23, 2011

My Honey is Going Back to College!!!

So, the BIG secret that I couldn't blab wasn't really my secret to tell - It was my beloveds. My sweetie has given his notice to his work, and is going to college to become a Chef! We are SO very excited! (He put it out there on Facebook yesterday, so I can say it outloud now, too!)

He's been talking about it for EVER. And everything just fell into place beautifully to allow it to happen. I'm really excited for him to be able to pursue this, because he wants it so badly.

This means some big changes in our lives - challenges that we are both feeling good about facing. This is why I've been pointing to my business websites so frequently lately. I'll be supporting us, for the most part.

I love supporting him in this - He's always supported me 100% with a big smile and a "you go girl!" attitude with all my crazy hair brained ideas, no matter how outlandish they may have seemed to him. My support for him will be as limitless as his has been for me.


I'm also very excited for all the AWESOME cooking that will be happening in our kitchen.

*Squee!* So, that's the big secret news.


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