Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Itty Bitty Little Dentist Rant.

I spent the day in the garden. Other than the beginning of it which I spent at the dentist with the pixies.

One is going to see an orthadontist, and they figure what we'll need to do is "Planned Extraction." Over the next months and years pull out the teeth that are trying to come out so the adult ones can come. Oh, this is the child with the too small jaw and the monstrous sized teeth, and who's wisdom teeth are already showing. Yes, the 8 year old. They are impacting her adult molars, and THOSE molars are impacting her last baby molars.

It's going to be AWE-FRIGGIN-SOME.

The other pixie (9 going on 18) is getting an "appliance" in a few weeks (and not the good kind that mixes stiff drinks, either... which by the way I feel like I could use after today.)

so, I opted to spend the day in the garden instead of spamming my friends with desperate pleas to go to any one of my business sites so that I can pay the dentist... yeah. Goodtimes.

SO. Got 2 rows of tomatoes in, and some zucchini to guard them. Put my spinich in the garden bed and some containers. Put Eggplant in containers and then later looked at my "garden journal" to see that I had intended them for one of the boxes. Oops.

Banged some former garbage tent poles into the ground to support the tomatoes. (they are all around 5' tall, so they SHOULDN'T fall down this year. )

My melons are getting FLOWERS in their newspaper pots... I'm going to have to uncover the side bed (it's covered in the sides of my old metal shed. Yeah, functional garbage. ) and get those babies in soon. I need to figure out what I'll surround THAT plot with to keep critters out.

blaaaa blaaa blaaa. I'll be reminding my daughter that she HAS to eat the eggplant, and NO there will be no takeout. We have bunches of teeth to pay for.

Thankfully I have exhausted my body today. Hopefully this will let my mind rest.


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Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. said...

I feel your pain.. both the girls were recommended for an ortho-consult on their last check up. Seems the eldest has inherited her mother's giant top teeth and overbite, while the little one has inherited some insane overcrowding in the bottom.