Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Alive and Kicking.

so, haven't been here in a while!

The garden is plugging along. Tomatoes and zucchini and melons doing great. Only half of my lettuce has come up (I think the ants took away the rest of the seeds...) strawberries like gangbusters...

Life is busy! And I'm good with that. My beloved has started school, we're buying a new-to-us car, The farmers market has started in earnest (so I'm baking and crafting in spare moments.)

Oh, and my tarot card site has taken off like gangbusta's. Meeting new people in a private room at the library turned out to be a brilliant idea. Oh, and adding the email option, too.

Kids are done school in a week. It seems late this year, but, whutevah. An extra week to work during the day before the kid-entertainment shuffle begins. (Those kids need to learn how to weave a bracelet, for heavens sake... help a mutha out!)

Today, it feels like I have a lot on my plate. It's a dang good thing I've got myself a shiny new, half hour increment adgenda. I'm going to need it!

So, anyway, still kicking!


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