Friday, March 11, 2016

Gardening update, and Global Warming.

I've been taking a lot of my blogging energy out HERE lately. Quick pictures and commentary of the things I've been creating. Which are badly behaved. But SO MUCH FUN.

It's SO CLOSE to the time where I put up the shelf and start my seedlings. It's actually been quite warm for a few days, and I'm itching to put peas in the ground, and maybe some greens.

This winter however, was bizarre. Every year it gets stranger and stranger. Less snow, for less period of time... maybe that's not entirely true. It stayed fairly mild until about mid January? We got some snow, then we got DUMPED ON at the end of February, and the very beginning of March. And now, March 11th, it's gone mild again.

Climate stuff. Earth rotation. It's all happening. I've noticed the summers where we are, haven't been as hot as they usually are. These things are a big deal for not only farmers, but everyone who relies on the food farmers produce. (So, that's EVERYONE, just incase you were confused.)

Anyway, This year, I'm feeling ambitious. All that I successfully got out of my garden last year, really, were tomatoes. (a handful of carrots, a bowlful of peas, and I don't think anything else really.)

Most of the snow has melted from the dumping we got last week, and if I hoop a raised box, I should be okay to put some greens in. (I've never done a hoop house before.. mainly because in my head, I'm convinced it will cost too much...)

Also, tomatoes go into little pots for me, somewhere around the 20th.

I really to love this time of year.


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