Monday, November 24, 2008

There Be Clouds But, No Rain.

Today I got a rather gorgeous chunk of writing done. It was a good day. A Yummy day. A pretty day.

I mailed some etsy sales off, which made me happy. Somebody, somewhere, is getting my creations for Christmas.

After the vigourous walk home, that translates into my work out for the day (the walk down is about 15 minues in this weather. The walk home about 20, due to the hill) so, hopped in the bath with a book to think think think with the lights off.

Think about where my story is going (and where it definately should NOT go... it's too easy for me to write in gory detail. I have to keep my audience in mind before I let the love scenes run wild. hehe.)

Think about why I can't think about the future. Every time I try, I see BLANK. Each day is more than enough. I'm running with it, and immersing myself into my fantasy world. It helps me write, if nothing else...

Think about why the Powers that Be INSIST on PERSISTING with the Crappy Apple Pie, even though I had a very serious conversation with them that I was QUITE FINISHED with the Crappy Apple Pie, thank you, and would now like a nice big helping of Easy and Simple Stew.


The Purr of the Mattress needs cover art. I had a very specific idea in my head for it, black and white and partial nudity. Alas, a girl on a budget gets what she gets.

Today is today.

I look for adventure in my sleep.


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