Sunday, November 2, 2008

Oh, it's November already???

So, I finally got Mari-Mac and Heather on etsy. I also listed Nanny, a pillow doll. I have pics of the little snowmen pins, and the new kitty cat pillows (mini's) but just haven't listed them yet.

I also took some new pics of Tori with her orange knickers, because she's been sitting here too long and needs a home.

Ohhhh, I commissioned another etsian to make some tags/labels for my dolls, with on them, and a place to sign and put the dolls names. I is so perfessionel. (hehe.)

OOH YEAH! Marc got the turn table all hooked up to the new speakers, and YAH HOOO! I can listen to my records again! (the old cabinet turntable kept skipping and jumping and I don't know how to fix it.. although I'm sure my inner DIY hoser could fix it, but I don't think duct tape or crazy glue would do it...) If I ever figure out how to fix it, I'll be able to listen to records in the basement in my "studio" too... Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band (Night Moves) and Chicago Transit Authority got the first play today.

Life is going to get insanely busy this week. I'm nervous, and hope I can juggle everything. (the crock pot is going to get a work out, that's for sure!) And I hope I can handle the early mornings.


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