Friday, November 21, 2008

Torture Me (with all I wanted.)

New computer, new printer, new SPEAKERS. Now, to figure out the business of how it all works. (I am feeling like a spoiled princess, even though I bought it myself. I'm so proud.)

I put the desk together myself, messed with all the wires myself and played with all the buttons. The only thing that stumped me (for no very good reason) was the speakers (of all things) but, luckily The Big Tall Boy and I stumbled through it somehow, and got that working too. (Thank Heaven for lit-tle boys!)

All I've been managing to work on is a little cross stitch pattern for winter... my painting, sculpting, doll house, doll making, weaving, etc etc etc has all had a little break. Even my sewing machine. (The cover has been on it for a bit...) I'm cyclic. (And this is also why It takes all I have in me to work on commissions. I've ALWAYS been a go-by-feel kinda girl. If I don't feel like it, I don't do it. I allow myself that freedom, without guilt. (Guilt; BAH HUMBUG!)

I saw "Masters of the Universe" today in Walmart, and SO wanted to purchase it. But resisted the urge. hehe.

I'm so so so so pleased with my energy, so pleased with my heart, so pleased with everything. I AM the master of my universe. (Everything I wanted....)



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