Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Sound of Silence.

Today...hmmm, today is Thursday. It feels like Monday. And therefore tomorrow's Fridayness is redundant due to my inability to process the days of the week. Most likely tomorrow will be my Tuesday, but it's very possible it could end up another random day.

Full moon tomorrow folks, and you know what that means!!! Lori will be writing her regularly scheduled EEORE blogs! Doom and Gloom! Woe is Me! Rot rot rot. (it only lasts a few hours, so, y'a know, grit yer teeth.)

However, I logged on to find a sale made at etsy, and that always makes me feel a little cheery! I'm drinking my sisters coffee, and that always makes me happy, too. Plus, after not having regular access to My Favorite Drug (da innanet, folks!) today is I guess aaaalright.

I've been working on WAY to many things at once. Started two new paintings (small square canvasses, I think they are about 10 x 10") worked on the torso's for two new dolly's, have been working on a page full of celtic designs (that will turn into bookmarks, or possibly cards, or whatever else I decide to throw the design on...) There are more projects I haven't looked at in a while, because I can't bear (bare?) to sit in the basement. (So much for the new work station. )

Anywhoooo... All this energy, and no attention span to channel it properly.


(and there you have it folks, my monthly Eeore blog. Next blog should be a little cheerier...)

Nyuk nyuk...

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I am Jamie Sue! said...

I love your creepy doll house furnishings! How original!