Monday, November 3, 2008

Holiday Hullaballoo.

Oh la la, look at these little kitty cat pillows. They are itty bitty though.. the big one is about 1.5" in diameter.

Today I started three new dollies. (I cut the pieces all at once. I figure, if I've got the iron going, I may as well make it worth while.) One will be Mari-Mac's mother. The other two haven't let me know who they are yet. I'm sure it wont' take very long before they start talking to me, though.

I also have finally finished a pile of new itty bitty bags. They are for tree decorations, but could also be used in a miniature doll house, or lined up on the mantel. They could also be used for at each place setting, stuffed with a little chocolate or mint. (yum!) It's dark out NOW. (Thanks, daylight savings!) but tomorrow I'm going to get some pics of them on. They come in a pretty holiday decorative box, too. Nice and sturdy for gift giving or storing.

I"m freaking out JUST A LITTLE... even though all the holiday hullaballo won't happen for nearly 2 months, all of the shopping for that craziness happens NOW. I have so many projects, and so little time! Oh well... I'm going to work on all the cross stitching and bag folding all year long this year, so when it comes time for sales and shows, I'm be REALLY prepared.

There are lots of goodies at our etsy shop ( I've got over 100 listings.) and we will gladly combine shipping so you will save!

OH, and one more thing! I'm working on gift certificates! (The gift certificates are a little piece of art themselves. Handmade! )

Super cool.

I gotta go eat dinner now...

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