Monday, December 15, 2008

Makin' It Work...

Yesterday I sewed up a four footed hand puppet from one of the delicious 70's craft magazines I have stacked around here. It's supposed to be a cat... but I think it looks like a very long tailed chuhaha. (Is that how you spell that?) anyway, it's green fleece (like, jogging suit material) with felt face,eyes, inner ears, and paws. He is so freaky lookin', that I"m going to make another and give them to the girls. (although the girls saw me working on him, they always think I"m working on stuff for my etsy store.. ehhehe.)

Today, I made a huge stuffed bear. When I bought the pattern, I thought it read on the back that the animals would be 32cm tall... I'm not sure WHY I thought that. Today when I opened it up, I was SHOCKED to see that they would be more like double that. (After he was sewn, he got to about 50cm tall... and ate up a huge amount of polyester fiber fill...) I'm not sure who will be gifted with him yet, but possibly my girlfriends little daughter.

There is still an enormous amount to whip up in the next few days, and I"m almost in panic mode.. almost... There's always the "all-nighter" option.

Because Wal Mart is NOT an option...


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