Saturday, December 13, 2008

Close, But No Cigar.

So.... I'm DYING to tell everyone what I'm crafting up, but then I'm sure the recipients of some of those gifties will READ this and the surprise will be spoiled. GAH.

I can tell you what I"m doing for the pixies, though!

Every year Santa gets them one new toy each, plus the stockings. Stockings are easy, thanks to the dollar store! Every thing that's coming from "me" is handmade. Mattresses and bedding for the wood doll beds my dad made them a few years ago. (You should see the pillow cases, so cute!) These beds are for dolls that are about 18" tall. So, Every piece is going to have thier initial embroidered in it, by me ofcourse, so there will be no fighting about who's blanket or sheet or pillow is who's. I'm working on some hand made puppets for them, too...

I was completely stumped about what to get them for thier santa present. It's LEAN around these parts, and thier lists were completely unreasonable. (Who's idea was it to CREATE a $300 horse that neighs and eats and what not, and advertise it all over the damn place. Just Not Fair, I say...)

Anywho, I was searching in The Crows Nest in downtown Midland for doll parts (which they said they had, but would not sell to me... just bastardly, I tell you. The actual conversation went something like this. "I remember from when I worked here that there are random doll parts for dollmaking in the basement, I'm looking for those" "They're down there, but NO." I swear, that's all the explination I got. ...I hated working there, too..) I had already had the purchases I was going to make at the counter before having the conversation with The Manager... That place has SUCH a crappy vibe..Really oppressive and heavy. I digress again...

So, while browsing for doll parts, I see two porcelain dolls. (face, hands, and feet.. soft body.) About 18" tall. Dressed to the nines. Frilly dresses and hats, little leather boots, stockings, hair, and each had a teddy bear. Really flashy looking... for $11.95 each. BARGAIN. Although they LOOK rather expensive. The girls can play with them with thier doll bedding, and IF anything should go wrong it won't be the end of the world. (Someone loses a shoe or gets a hair cut.. that sort of thing.) However, I"m going to really play up the "ooooh, Santa brought you a FANCY doll this year." and hope that it makes up for all the commercial stuff I DIDNT' BUY.

Although my mother and brother and sister have purchased commercial stuff for them, so I'm sure it's not going to be the end of the world.

I can't WAIT for Christmas/Yule... because I'm DYING to show you the cool stuff I've made for the boys.

Ok, that is the update. I haven't added anything new to in the last few weeks, just letting the things I've made already be there for the offerin'..

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Monica said...

oh i so agree with you about the vibe of the crow's nest. I love the stuff they have in there, but the people in it are sooooooooooooo uncool. i seldom go in there just for that reason.