Monday, September 8, 2008

A Helluvalotta Work.

The pixies are home sick today, and since they were sick last night (and I was stuffy, too.) I got about 3 whole hours of sleep. shortly I'm going to send them back up to bed so that I can command the couch for a nap.

I've painted the spots on my doll house furniture I've been working on, and am going to add the rhinestones, and then hopefully get to the varnishing today. I'm painfully eager to get this little set finished. After that, I just have a little mattress to figure out, and maybe a little spooky bedspread and pillows to go with the whole bunch, and then I can get it on etsy. I figure I'm going to ask $40 US for it. (It's been a helluvalotta work.)

Also, a friend has contacted me, and we are going to chat about some costumes he needs for a movie project he's working on. The actual sewing that I'll need to do doesn't look like it's going to be that difficult (pretty straight forward stuff) but it will be a whole lot of fun brainstorming together with everyone on all the other aspects of the costume design and costume props. Yum.

Enough hokey pokeying around already... (oh, Hokey reminds me of Hockey... First leafs game is on Sept 22, I believe.... FAAAAAANTASTIC!)

(I just attend for the hungry man dinners, chips and dip, and Arizon Iced Green Tea) hehe.


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