Tuesday, September 23, 2008

DIY hoser OR "I Super Glued My Sewing Machine."

I super glued my sewing machine.

Just as I bragged to the pixies that my machine is about 12 years old, this horrible grinding sound came from it, and the whole world STOPPED.

Insert many swear words here. I was half way through a halloween doll blanket.

The little flippy doolally on the side that you flip up to wind a bobbin without having the needle move, broke. A little wee thinger that pokes into place, behind a big round button... I took the top and side casing off, and couldn't even get to this part. Think think think. My personal assessment was that fixing this problem was going to cost more than a new sewing machine... I super glued the little flippy doolally down, so now when I wind a bobbin, the needle will be dancing. ( I am such a DIY hoser. Red Green, and all that jazz.)

My machine is decidedly unhappy, because now the stitches are all loose, and I had to STEP AWAY from it before I swore through my teeth at it some more. (More than likely my needle needs adjusting, or I need a new needle entirely, or I've got too much thread on the bobbin) After pulling it apart, poking around at it's innards, and putting back together its casing, I think it may just have had enough of my face, and decided for both of us that that was ENOUGH.


We went to Walmart (bleck) today, and looked at sewing machines, all perfect and shiny and without super glue to hold them together.

I pouted.

We looked at their serger that I've been dreaming of. $299. I felt like a little girl in the doll isle swooning and dying inside for the toy I knew I wouldn't get.

I may have whined a little.

The Goddess is mysterious. I don't know what the reason is for this, but I have to trust it will all work out.

Still, I'm a little sad.

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