Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wishes and Dreams and Can I Haz More Sleeps?

Oh Goddess, make the nights longer.

Oh wait, I forgot, ...that's happening about a week from now.

Ok, Goddess, let me get more sleep during those nights. I go to bed too late, and I get up too early. The darkened mornings only remind me that soon I'll be getting up in the dark to shovel the driveway. Uh, just the thought of that makes me barf in my mouth a little.

Autumn Equinox is the night of the 21st... first day of Autumn on the 22nd. Being the lazy pagan that I've become, I'll probably have a hot lobster bath and fall asleep to dream. (The full moon on Monday was too damn cold to go outside. I'm getting soft.) There's definintely some energy that needs to be raised, focused and put out there around here.

Today is a full day. This morning the little girl I watch occasionally arrived at 6:30. I've got Cleaning (STILL... I TOLD YOU, I was on strike all summer and did nothing, so there's a whole season of cleaning to do. ) I have a serious grocery shopping that needs completing, then pick up the kids from school (the little girl stays until 7pm) carry on with the laundry, dinner, dinner mess (I have an inspection of my rental tomorrow, and I'm freakin a little.)... all the while just wanting to crawl into bed.

I wish I was getting paid for all this labour.

Oh well... at least I've got dreams.


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