Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Shopping Bags Are Empty! What Will You Fill Them With?

I finally finished my little bag ornament set. They are so cute, and now that i've got the one done, I want to start working on the other patterns that I have. They come in a gift box, too, for a grand total price of $7 (US folks) for 10. I came up with some great ideas for them!

*A gift for that surprise guest that always shows up with a gift for you!
*A gift for the girl who's already shopped for it all!
*A great place to hide candy's
*A REALLY great place to hide an engagement ring!

There are more pics at my etsy store.

I also finally finished the little hand sewn quilt that I only started, oh, 2 months ago. It looks super cute, and even though I put HOURS into this little baby, (putting together the vintage scraps, and quilting...) I've put a price tag of only $18 USD on it. (etsy's in USD, in case you're wondering why the Canadian is pricing everything in USD!)

I hope it finds a great home!

I've got a sewing project on the go for a friend, so it might be a few days till I get to the tons of other projects I've got going (more mini beds in 1:24, some tarot card boxes, paintings, etc.) but I"m very excited for the winter selling season! Right now there's 101 items in my store. My goal is to sell at least half of that by December. :)


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