Saturday, April 2, 2011


Oh, I miss the garden. I've been reading other gardening blogs lately, and looking through my own garden pics from last year. *sigh*.

Yesterday it was up to 10 degrees Celsius (that's 50F) and I'm hoping today it will be just as nice out. Because for the last 2 weeks I've been antsy for the ground to be soft enough to put in peas! There's also lettuce and possibly a few other things by now that have to go into the ground. It'll be a full weekend of mucking about back there, and I'm eager for it.

Some lettuce should go in. The snow peas for sure. (I'm also going to have to rig up a trellis with chicken wire and some leftover metal bits from a tent that got bent out of shape a few years ago.)

My zucchini and melon is on the calendar to start next weekend indoors, and swiss chard and tomatoes aren't on the calendar for another 2 weekends (also in cells.) hopefully it will be warm enough to put them outside, in cells, in the covered kiddie sand box that I now use as a little "cold frame". (It's a plastic number, shaped as a big crab.) By then, I'll have run out of room inside.

If I put a pot of boiling water in the crab before bed, and close the lid, it should keep them warm enough until the sun comes up?? Last year I started them out there, too, but I think it was just cool enough to make them slow to start.

Anywho, gotta finish the coffee (the ONE I'm allowed to have a day) and my yoghurt and granola, get dressed, and drag the video game pixies out there with me. haha!


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bruce said...

good on ya for getting ready to garden...

i am only good at buying at the farm market!