Saturday, March 26, 2011

Does Vermi Compost Buckets Count as Money Spent?

I was looking over my "money spent" blog ($115 so far) and I thought "oh, I bought buckets for worms!" I don't even have the worms yet. I'm hoping one of my wonderful friends will be able to share before I go buy some.

I'm wondering if I should count the containers and worms as money spent on the garden? I mean, they'll make compost, that ultimately helps the garden... Anywho,

2 cheap n cheerful grey totes, $15 after taxes. (The idea is you drill holes in the bottom of one, put something in the bottom of the second, and sit the first in the second, so any moisture can drip out and not drown your worms. ) I'm still going to need to salvage some "screen" for the bottom (just like what's in your windows) so the worms can wiggle out the bottom holes.

This brings my 'money spent' on the garden to $130. With all the extra veggies this year, I'm sure we'll reap more than that in produce.

Today I'm putting my snowpeas in the ground, plus there's some lettuce I want to put in, and a list of other things that are due to go into the seedling trays to sit on my fridge :)

I've got so many more this year than before. I'm going to need a greenhouse at some point.

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Jen said...

Your garden sounds great! :)

Also, that is a great idea using the totes like that!