Sunday, March 20, 2011

Money Spent, Freebies,

This years 'garden' math so far.

$65 on seeds. Seriously. But, I did buy a heck of a lot. And, if I don't use them all, I'll store them for next year. The Cottage Gardener seeds are very very good, and have great germination rates even on year 2.

$50 combined in cocopeat, a few new seedling trays, 2 bags of soil, and a few wicker baskets from the thrift store.

What I've gotten from generous donation from friends so far:
  • A couple of big and small coffee cans
  • a bag full of toilet rolls
  • 7 or 8 empty pop bottles to make domes for outdoor seedling protection.
I'm still looking out for more - with my garden plans being doubled from last year, I'll need all the pop-bottle dome help I can get, yo.

I really didn't want to buy new seedling trays, but in my infinite fall wisdom, I left the old trays out in the yard (all stacked up nice and neatly - under 2 feet of snow.) This week was pretty rainy and warm, which revealed I had saved more than I thought I had... which is good. I'll probably need them all.

I was outside puttering yesterday. It was so sunny and purdy, and the side garden had completely cleared of snow. I covered it with newspaper (after pulling some rather prickly weeds out) and then covered THAT with pieces of the old metal shed that collapsed LAST spring. (it was meant to go to the dump for recycling, but never managed to get there.) anyway, when it's closer to NICE OUT I'll remove the metal panels and spread the compost and some hay on top.

I was inspecting the shed remains and spotted some things that will be good for making trellises for viney veggies and stakes for the tomatoes that just...keep... GROWING! (They end up about as tall as I am...5 whole feet.)

I cleared a little area in the back garden the same way. Had to actually dig a foot of snow out of the way, to put down newspaper and cover with panels. Now that I'm sitting here writing about it though, I'm thinking there are spots in the yard that are already well melted that would probably suit the peas better... hmmm...

Anyway, just a few thoughts on the morning. The girls have finished their "Ostara Egg" hunt (I think it took them 10 whole minutes this year) and my beloved and I are slowing waking up before the Great-Lasagna-Prep begins.

Oh yes, and it's our anniversary today. :)

Life is Good :)

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