Thursday, March 17, 2011

How To Make Kids Eat Almost Stale Cupcakes...

So, I made these mini cupcakes a few days ago, and they went almost stale... you know what I`m talking about. Just this side of edible, because they had a little crunch going on.

So, I broke out the Watkins Chocolate pudding-pie filling mix. I bought some when it was on sale (I tend to stock up when things are on sale, with all things. In the long run, it saves you moolah.

There were about 20 of these mini`s left. So I broke them all up, and half went into a ziplock and into the freezer.

Watkins dessert mix is an old fashioned behaving one - You have to cook it over medium heat till it thickens. Let it cool, then pour in cups or pie filling. I poured mine in a casserole dish (one of my favourites, from my neice and her whole family.) on top of the 10 broken up mini muffins.

I`m going to let it cool and have it with tomorrows lunch - only because it`s hardly fair to load the kids up with chocolate at 6:30 and then scram to Stitch N Bitch and leave my beloved with them all wound up. hehe.

The trick with this little dessert is that the cupcakes MUST be getting snubbing reviews from your kidlets. If they are moist, they probably won`t work. This way, they are still going to be somewhat firm and not gone to mush.

I hate throwing food out. I love making left overs into new food again.

It`s a good skill to have!
Now, I must actually bring something to STITCH to Stitch N Bitch tonight.


bruce said...

that looks good...

but even tho i am allergic to chocolate, it looks yummy!

Vintage Witch & Little Scotia said...

Last night when I made it, the girls said it looked like horse dump.

Which made me CACKLE.

They still totally ate it today.