Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It Ain't Garbage - It's my Garden!

So, my yard LOOKS like a disaster, but looks can be deceiving. I'm pretty sure i'm THAT neighbour on my street. The front yard at this time of year is pretty unsightly, to onlookers. However, to me, it's just a spring work in progress.

First, there's the very dirty looking crab - used to be a sandbox for the pixies when they were wee little. NOW it's the place I start the last of my seedlings. Usually the tomatoes end up in here, or anything that gets started a little later in the spring, and still needs some over night coverage incase we get frost.

Then, there's the pile of .. what is that? It USED to be a metal shed. It crushed under the weight of snow, despite being fortified with wood. My teenager assumed I was clearing it, and I assumed he was, and then the first warm day of spring last year, CRACK! So, I had these piled up hoping for someone to come and take them away. This never happened and they got covered in snow. NOW, these pieces are holding layers of newspaper down (so they don't fly all over the neighbourhood.) so that hopefully come time to put the melons in there, I will NOT have to weed it. When the compost is ready, It'll go on top of the newspaper, for a nice layered mulch.
Oh, and look, Martha, a random 2 x 4 thrown in the yard.

Actually, it's sitting on the yard as a reminder to the children that underneath those leaves are some rows of my heirloom strawberries. Do NOT stomp past this piece of wood, pixies!

There are other things in the yard. Buckets that will be filled with soil for the container gardening plans, a big fish tank that is going to make a lovely green house for seedlings if it gets frosty..

Mind you, there is a broken fish tank out there, and some random acts of metal bits (some that are going to be used for trellises and tomato stakes - those big Boxcar Willie heirloom tomatoes get BIG and heavy) All of these things I'm going to try and make use of instead of just dumping them. Reuse, right?

But, there is a dump run on the list of things to do still. A few things absolutely unsalvageable.

However, all I see is potential. I wonder if I should go to the end of the driveway and explain to the concerned couples that there is a PLAN HERE?

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Anonymous said...

I'm with you - there is a plan at work here. My yard is not trashy, it is the raw material for an amazing garden!