Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's all my own fault.

Dear Arizona Iced Tea in my keyboard. Arghlebargle.

I know, after years of telling the children to never bring drinks to the computer, I was the one to finally ruin the keyboard. The space bar is sticking and I have no use of some ofmy keys, and it is all my own damn fault.

That isall. I imagine I won't even try to write until Iget a new keyboard. Because this issome frustrating sh*t.


P.S. Yesterday was my birthday, but Ican't tell you about it. Because ARizona Iced TEa is very sticky.

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Jen said...

Happy belated birthday Lori! Sorry about your keyboard. I have definitely injured a keyboard before with beverages, and I continue to keep drinks around my desk even though I know it is a giant risk. If I ever get a laptop I'll have to stop for sure!