Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Say "Versatile" 35 Times.

This Award has RULES. (I HATES me some rules, but I guess I'll play. Because playing is funner than rules. Damn, I'm picking up Tucker Speak.)

1. Link back to awarderer. See below! Tucker the Puppy (Through Bruce, who Tucker owns) Awarded me this purdy square.

2. Tell 7 facts that people may not know about you... (uh oh.)

3. Pass this on to as many blogerers as you want to! (I think at one point there was a number attached to this rule.. but y'know. It hates the rules!!)

So, it was Tucker through BRUCE over at JADIP (Just Another Day in Paradise) that decided I was Versatile enough to get a pretty green square that says so. I loves GREEN.

Bruce and Tucker have been on my daily read list for a while now. I think I stumbled on him from Dude Craft... but I know Andie and Bruce read each other too( She is my self confessed Doppleganger, or maybe I am hers? And she is also Goddess of Pickles) So I may have come across him there. Any way, he makes me giggle. I love the internets.

7 Facts People May Not Know About Me.

This one might be a little hard, since I love talking about myself love telling stories... let's have a think...

1. I often forget the simplest things, and will ask my honey 3 times the same question - but I think it's because my head is FULL of 80's music lyrics, that there's no more room for new stuff.

2. From grades kindergarten through 8, I went to 10 different schools. Three of those were in grade 4 alone. It's no wonder I had trouble with math.

3. I'm addicted to love (... Might as well face it!) but it's only because I'm really REALLY good at it.

4. Although I'm friends with LOTS of people, I'm happiest when I'm spending time alone. Think Think Think. Write Write Write. Never been someone who had to call anyone up for company. I go out all the time by myself, and never feel weird about it.

5. I have been 5 feet tall since I was 13.

6. I write a lot of smutty stories under a pseudonym (No, I will not tell you what it is. That's the point of a pseudonym! Baha! )

7. It takes ALL MY effort to walk by a mirror and NOT look.

Whew. That was HARD!

So, now I have to choose somebody to pass it on to??? sHEET.

Ok, so I read my bloglist everyday - here are a few that I particularly enjoy (who haven't already been tagged with being VERSATILE, as far as I can remember. hehehe.)

Fiona at Rowangarth Farm - I love reading her posts. She really is versatile , from what I've learned - and the things she is doing are on my own path. Oh, and she lives in the same province I do, so I can actually use her farm experiences and advice.

Frugal Homesteads (It's not just for hippies anymore...) This family BLOWS MY MIND. I love that they have recorded all of their experiences. I learn best by reading THEN doing. When every they post anything, I jump on it to SEE!

Aimee from New To Farm Life. Aimee's blog was the first farming blog I came across, and I ended up staying up over an hour later than I intended to reading all her posts. She writes so well, that you'll feel like you're learning right along with her. She and her husband do so much on their farm!

Do you see a pattern here? hehe, yeah. I once said to my beloved that my 22 year old self would NOT recognize my 37 year old self. His reply was that he likes my 37 year old self just how I am now. :)

Ok. I need to have a shower BADLY, so I have to get OUT of this chair!!! (Oh, wait, that was an 8th thing you didn't know about me... and probably could have lived without. hehehe.)



Fiona said...

Thanks, Lori! This is very kind. And to think that I wondered if my blog was too "scatter-brained" -- like me! Versatile is a much kinder way of describing it. :)

Aimee said...

Thank you so much! It's really wonderful to hear from people who like my writing! I don't usually play the blogger award game - mostly because I have a hard time creating links. Blogger is giving me fits right now. I hope you won't be offended. Now I am going to spend some time here perusing your own interesting blog.

Vintage Witch & Little Scotia said...

Like I said Aimee - I hate rules! No worries, just wanted you to know I liked your blog! :)

bruce said...

this was awesome...and i shoulda known it was a green award and it would suit you..damm, wish tucker would have thought of that!

dilli said...

Thank you! The only reason we do record what we do is so that others have an idea of what they are gettign into and show that it doesnt have to cost an arm and a leg to live comfortable but simply