Friday, April 22, 2011

My Wish is His Command.

'Cause my honey is like that.

First, I have a "new" keyboard. From my Beloveds Techie Stash-O-Computer stuff. yay! I can type my 75WPM again!

Secondly, my post from a few days ago about the seedling set up? Aw yeah, it's happening!

My birthday was a few days ago, and we wandered around Home Depot because I wanted to price what it would cost to get a lighted set up for seedlings. When we realized that we wouldn't be able to fit both the children AND the things I chose in the car at the same time, we opted to take the children and my sweetie bought a gift card. (yes, there was a coin toss. Home Depot had a fifty percent chance of getting some child labour.***)

So, the day after I took my gift card up, with my Mother (and her bigger vehicle) Where I bought all the pieces for THIS SET UP:

That's right, It's living in the kitchen, beside the fridge. Because that's pretty much the last spot available in my entire house.

Heavy duty resin shelf: on sale for $39.99
3 commercial light fixtures $17.99 each = $53.97
6 Plant lights for fixture $7.98 each= $47.88
Power Strip $7.98

After taxes, a grand total of $168.48

plus $115 for seeds and containers
plus $40 for the vermi composting buckets and the worms themselves. (which reminds me I still haven't written about the worms....)

So, this year I've spent $323.74 on the garden. Yes, I'm counting the birthday present amount.

My mother bought me some dirt. (I think I make her a little crazy. She wanted to bring me to Giant Tiger and buy me clothing. I have MORE clothing than I could ever wear... what I NEEDED was some dirt for all the coffee cans. hehe.)

We went out to Native Woods Nursery's on HWY 93, and got 5 bags of organic 3 way mix, and 5 bags of regular soil (the awesome woman there said it was better for containers to mix the 2 - that the 3 way alone would be too dense for pots. I believe her. )

That cost about $35 - but I'm NOT counting that. Birthday prezzies from outside my own household are freebies. hehehe.

She also then joked when she saw my "grow lights" while putting the soil in mom's truck, and wished me luck with my "pot" plants. I will have to bring her an eggplant and tomato to prove it's for VEGETABLES! *snork*

The new shelf set up is allowing me to grow more plants (some which will be sold as slips, which I've not been able to do before.) and we'll also be harvesting more from our own garden this year too. I always aim for the break even. It makes me happy.

Peas are coming up lovely! Some of the radishes, lettuce and chard are coming up, too, despite the snow we got all last weekend.

Oh, and my sewing machines managed to carve out a little tiny corner for themselves. There are sock monkeys on the way! And probably some skirts.


*** JUST kidding. This batch of kids are pretty good and mostly cute, so we're keepin' them. Home Depot can hire the big one that occasionally eats and does his laundry here, though.

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