Monday, April 25, 2011

What Day Is IT?

So, I turned on and used my new sewing machine for the first time.

Ooooh my. It runs so smoothly, and fast, and I was almost afraid of it. My old machines are finiky and .. well, a little bitchy. Go too fast, and they scream. The blue Shark needs a kick start to use it. The OLD OLD one, you gotta talk nice to first. ON and on.

But, this new one comes with so many fancy-fang-dangled-doolallers I'm going to have to learn to use. I was happy to see it can stitch with 2 needles (had the presser foot and plate attachments). All I did though was stitch out one sock monkey (because I could only find one of my "Little Scotia" tags. I put them somewhere safe, and now can't find them.) Then, I started in on some new sock critters.

I loveses them. I really missed this.

Plants are going full swing. Peas are up, most of the radish, lettuce and Chard outside are up. Up up up!

Put the tomato seeds in the night before last (in the house, on the big ol' shelf o' lights.)

The little mermaid above is a softie I painted, it's in my etsy store right now. I put both of my stores back online. I'm able to focus on them now, not so worried about pulling another Big Floppy. (Have an EEG tomorrow. I have no idea what that is exactly. I'm sure the internets can provide me with all the false information I'll need to be thoroughly prepared.)


Today the pixies had no school. We got out of our jammies around 5pm. They ate chocolate and then ran around the yard, and now they are upstairs pretending to be quiet. It was a very good day.



Yandie, Goddess of Pickles. said...

Electroecenphalogram, I believe... so like a brain scan? Maybe? I've seen references to them at work before. Meh.

I'm still very afraid of my sewing machine.. I keep telling myself I will tame it, but right now it's still kind of an old 50's style elephant in my kitchen, covered with a pile of stuff I plan to fix or alter.. one day..

Painting workshop said...

The mermaid looks great! I like it! By the way, Happy Easter...This may be a late greeting. Nonetheless, it won't hurt...Thanks! Daniel

bruce said...

i hate when i put something away for safe keeping and totally for get where i put it...

i have an 1910 -ish Singer that sews better than the newer ones...not that i would have ever made ties or anything like that...

you know what else is cool?


i gave you one!

Vintage Witch & Little Scotia said...

Well, I had better go see what award I got....eek!