Monday, April 11, 2011

You Treat Me Like I Was Your Ocean....

Today I showered in the morning, because the pixies slept at the In Laws/Loves house.

Today, in the early morning, my beloved and I sat silently on the nearly hour long country drive to the "big" hospital.

Today, a nurse pretended to be concerned and then stabbed me with an IV hook up that hurt like Fuckety fuck.

Today I sat like a lady in the teeny dress that my subconscious told me to wear before I woke, in hospital hallways. My first tattoo flash of the year.

Today, I got to listen to almost the whole Steve Miller Band album while getting buzzed and MRI'd for about half an hour. Bzzt Bzzt. I completely forgot about Jungle Love. How could that be? (I was tickled that they let me listen to music while probing my brain. The selection they had wasn't the greatest though.)

Today my beloved took me to Crock n Block for breakfast, where I was one hot mama among an awful lot of old people eating breakfast buffet. The men behind me were talking about church and politics and people I do not know. In between mouthfuls of my own omlette, I randomly threw in phrases such as "you're paying me by the hour" and "What does your wife think of this" and "Wow, you have six kids?" while my beloved tried to keep a straight face. (I behave badly when we're out with no pixies. I'm sure it's why he picked me.)

I also kept the schmexy Jessica Rabbit attitude while putting my jacket over my sore poked arm and smiling devilishly at the intrigued fellow behind us. (This is my idea of hilarious. We were also not in the town I live in, so in my head this is forgivable. Plus, I am a writer. If anyone ever calls me on it, I'll pull the "it's research" card.)

Today, we drove the nearly hour long drive home in silence. It's because I like to look out the window and listen to his super fun music compilations and daydream about being a teenager with magical powers, making all the other kids attending the Friday night dance do choreography with me and on Monday no one remembers exactly what happened except for the teacher I have a crush on who thinks I'm amazing and magical and smart...

Today I did some dishes.

Today I thought about living on a farm.
Today I Watched Little Britain while cross stitching on the couch.
Today I made soup out of a pile leftovers.
Today I drilled holes in some big rubbermaid containers to make a home for worms.
Today I listened to the pixies jibber jabber and didn't offer my beloved ANY tag-team parental help when the pixies swarmed him for 20 minutes. Literally, two little girls clinging to his person, while he tries to eat and listen to their excited stories. You'd think he'd be used to this after 2 years. hehe.

Now it is evening.

My throat is raw, and I'm going to eat icecream after the pixies are in bed, and all the tests are finally done, and I hope now It's almost time to get on with this new mysterious path.

Because I have a difficult time with being still.



Lance said...

nice tattoo work, I have 7. I followed you from Andie's blog. Brunette Jessica Rabbitt? I that or blonde. I live with 3 blondes - wife and two duaghters and one brunette - one other daughter.

sounds like a nice day. Hi.

learn oil painting said...

I like your blog!...Daniel

bruce said...

mri's are not fun...

today is the first day of best days of your life.

interesting post...

Vintage Witch & Little Scotia said...

the first pic I post that's NOT gardening - or rather shows a little skin and hoochie gets the best responses.


Hallo Lance and Daniel. :)

Bruce...Meh, the MRI was for my head, so it's not like I had to fast or anything (although I completely forgot breakfast anyway.) And I had to keep myself from falling asleep. They put the warm blanket on, strapped the big 80's looking earphones on, and I was pretty comfy, despite all the MRI noise.