Sunday, April 17, 2011

What I Want Want Want Is what you Want Want Want

What I NEED for all these seedlings is a set up like this:

Indoor Seed Starting Blog Entry

What I HAVE is this:These guys are sitting on the Vermi Composting Bucket at the back door. (Which I can only open outside.. there will be a rant blog about that later, I'm sure.) Eggplant in the plastic cells, Hot Pepper in the paper cups, a garlic and green onion in the little clear cup.

Today, the tray filled with egg containers lives on the table. I put these in less than a week ago, and already the Sunflowers are peeking up. That's just freekin' awesome, considering we got a surprise light SNOW this morning. Heh.

These guys are currently on the top of the fridge, sharing the flourescent light. NOT ideal, but gotta do with what I have. Eggplant, Sweet Pepper and some hot Pepper in there too.

This is how close the flourescent light SHOULD be to these plants, but they are getting only a few hour rotation with the light on the swivel.

Look at all the babies! I'll be bringing the ones that DON'T fit into my garden to market to sell as slips.

This guy has shot up and is looking a little spindly. This is what happens when you don't have enough of the proper lighting. Every year I deal with it, and make due... chasing the sun on the carpet around during the day with one tray or another.

So Purdy and Green!

These are the onions that came home with the girls from "Halter Culture Club" (See: My Onions Growwww)

It snowed this morning, dark and overcast and a near white out through the back window - My beloved said he saw squirrels running for cover..., and NOW, less than an hour later, the sun is blazing through the windows.

Georgian Bay weather NEVER makes sense. But is sure is purdy here.

Wish I had something interesting to say today. Meh, maybe tomorrow. Happy Sunday.



Bushman said...

Seed of the finest arts there is. I commend you on your efforts. It's easier to take care of toddlers. i use a 4 foot flourescent light available from the store for $9-$12 and put it right down on top of them so they don't "stretch" for the light.
Have fun most of all and don't forget to sing to them. The don't care if your good or bad. My kinda audience!1

bruce said...

i go to the farmers market...

other people are so much better at this growing shit than i...

the captcha is kindset