Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Egg Carton Seed Pots, Chamomile Tea, and Fill In The Swears.

Well... How'r Ya Doin'?

Me. I've had worse days, to be sure Bye.

First, the seedlings that had started to show some dampening seem to be recovered! My Mom-In-Law/Love passed on a tip to water them with chamomile tea. So for 2 days I did (only watering at the little seedlings feet, so I didn't wet the newspaper anymore.) Oh, I also separated the little newspaper pots so that they weren't touching anymore.

Anywho, with the Coir I can water every second day (with a spray phaser, set on "stun" instead of "mist." It's tricky business. ) They seem to be healed! WOOT! (Little things, I know.)
Yesterday I planted some Zucchini and Melon. I put them in egg cartons. Normally I wouldn't, because egg cartons are generally too shallow to do any seedling any good for any amount of time. However, I figure by the time these suckers peek through and get an inch or so tall, it should be time to put them out in the garden beds.

So, pokey holes in the bottom of the cups, 2/3 filled with soil, top 3rd with the cocopeat (coir), plunkety plunk with the seeds.

Oh, I also found a baggie of sunflower seeds, so when the zucchini and melon seeds ran out, I filled the rest of the cartons with those.

Oh, and in other news I almost killed some of the seedlings yesterday, by putting them on the front doorstep covered with the clear.. ugh, cover. It got too hot, and they all limped over. I saved them by watering them more and bringing them back inside. Whoops. That would have sucked. (This is where the swears go. And eyeball rolling.)

Today. Hmm. Today my biggest priority is to shower. And do some dishes. And eat. Probably to put some more radishes, lettuce and Swiss Chard out there too.

Have a rockin' day.



Tony Van Helsing said...

Sounds like hard work. I've just planted potatos by digging a hole and sticking some in the ground, then crossing my fingers.
So far, nothing.

Vintage Witch & Little Scotia said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to do potatoes. I don't know why they intimidate me so much....

However, I live in Cottage/Farm country. I can buy a bag of potatoes for WAY less than the stress involved in growing them myself. (There's a potato farm about 10 minutes away. I always feel a little guilty that I can get a 25 pound bag for $3 ish.)

I tend to grow the stuff that ends up being expensive in the stores. Or is REALLY easy.