Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mah Onions Growwwww

Hello Throbbing Brain.

This morning I was laughing while simultaneously trying to chew a cracker. Ofcourse, I choked a smidge, and gave my self a throbbing nogging with my cough-it-up efforts. I had so much planned today. I ended up in bed, with the alarm set in time to pick up the pixies from school.

The pixies came home yesterday with 4 onion seeds each in a little plastic container. They are in the horticulture club at school. The littlest pixie always pronounces it "Halter Culture Club." And then I just want to start doing my best Boy George impression ("Oh, There's lovin' in your eyes all the wayyy... ) I did it the first time she did it, and they both looked at me blankly. My sweetheart giggled, anyway. Now, when she says it, I just pout that there's no one around to giggle with me....

Karma Chameleon... Mah Onions Growwww, Mah Onions Grow ow ow ow...

Anyway, I was very excited to see the 8 little onion seeds. Because those suckers aren't cheap, and I'm thinking that the $4 per kid I paid for them to join the club might just pay off yet. hehe.

I'm researching the University of Guelph's distance education. They've got some agricultural certificate programs I'm interested in. I figure, I'm not doing much else. And It wouldn't start until fall, after the summer rush.

Last night I sat down to play with clay (the sculpey, polymer clay kind) and, I don't know that I have the patience to make those itty bitty cups and saucers. I made some doll bodies, but they came out looking all creepy and mutant.. so I'm going to make creepy mutants out of them (instead of the sweet, lacy dress dollies I had envisioned when starting.) One will make a good dracula... the other could be a zombie baby. There's one more that has a smart-ass Cabbage Patch Kid vibe to it. However... there may be an ebay or etsy auction soon with some clay, some books, and some molds. I'll keep you posted.

Turns out, squirrels don't like Bulls Blood Beets.. but the little f*ckers still will dig them COMPLETELY out of the ground just to make sure. Arseness.

I realized today there's only about a month until the Farmers Market starts up again. You know what that means! Lori PANICS and makes an even BIGGER mess of the livingroom in the name of creating some NEAT stuffs to sell! I"m hoping to also do more baking this year, and sell my seedlings there, too.

Which means I should probably get to putting some more in dirt.

I should book a table at little lake park for Canada Day this year... maybe.

blaaa blaa blaaa. I think I'm going to risk a second tea today, in an effort to clear the fog.

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