Friday, April 15, 2011

Evee Boody Luvs Crafty CRAP! ('cept mebe mah luver.)

So, I sort of cleaned this morning. I had two shelves that were just a disaster. Kept throwing schtuffs on it over the last.. ugh, 8 months? Look at some of the fun stuff I found!
A pile of clay doolallers. Doll pieces, plates, vases, unfinished bread and all of it is sitting in an incense burner. Also, unfinished.I started these little robots before Christmas. Because every miniature doll house needs robot minions. Cook, Maid, Butler. They aren't done yet...
A wonderfully creeeepy vintage plastic Heidi-ish doll who's eyes close when you get her horizontal.
A Welcome mat I cross stitched some time ago. I finished the last bit with the wrong colour blue, but was unaware of it until the daylight. That's what I get for stitching under that dang orange 70's lamp I love so much.
I'll be putting it on etsy for half of what I intended to charge for it, because of the irregularities.

A mostly-painted froggy clay incense burner. You guessed it.. unfinished.

Crap crap crap! I love crap! Itty Bitty Crap! Crappity Crap CRAP! Craaaaap Tiiiime!

The book shelves I managed to somewhat clean today are the 3rd and 4th from bottom on the left. I replaced the crap I removed with... MORE CRAP! (It's good crap though. I love my crap.)

Happy Friday, eh.

P.S. I'm putting the tomatos in dirt this weekend. They will have to live outside under cover. Because I've run out of room in the house. Swiss Chard is going in the garden boxes, too.

P.S. I'm back on the Chocolate Almonds, after a month on the wagon. Once an addict.....

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